IT-Electron is the official distributor of the following companies:

RADITEK, SLK Superlink, Microwavefilters, SJM prewell, PJSC “Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky”, OJSC “Mezon Plant”, Saint Petersburg.

RADITEK - Radio-frequency, microwave and wireless telecommunications solutions for components, modules and systems. (he catalog can be viewed here

SLK Superlink – Cables for high-speed data transmission (the catalog can be viewed here

Microwavefilters – Components for radio-communication and microwave systems for the full range of frequencies (from 10 to 80 GHz). (the catalog can be viewed here )

SJM prewell – Monolithic microwave integrated circuits for wireless communication. (the catalog can be viewed here

PJSC “Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky” – Space Load Shock-Absorbers of APN, APNM series for the protection against the effects of vibrations from the aviation equipment operating in severe conditions. (the catalogue can be viewed here: View)

OJSC “Mezon Plant”, Saint Petersburg - Tantalum oxide-semiconductor capacitors; pulse capacitors with integrated dielectrics; Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and accumulator batteries. (the catalog can be viewed here: View)

RelComm Technologies designs and manufactures Design Enhanced Application Specific RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz. (the catalog can be viewed here:

Triarchy Technologies CORP. offers USB dongle full spectrum analyzers at a competitive cost that makes it a viable solution for field testing, small business, and integrated systems. (the catalog can be viewed here: